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Full - Service Auto Repair

Auto Repair - Full Service Auto Repair Service in Lombard, IL
Don't stress when your car has an engine problem; call us instead. W Autoworks offers engine repairs for both foreign and domestic vehicles, including diesel engines.
Alignment - Full Service Auto Repair Service in Lombard, IL
Ensure you have a steady ride with our tire, suspension, and alignment services. Get flat tires fixed, shocks and struts replaced, wheels aligned, and more.
Towing - Full Service Auto Repair Service in Lombard, IL
If you find yourself on the side of the road with car troubles, let us come to the rescue. We offer roadside assistance, as well as shuttles and after-hour towing.
Free loaner and car washes

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Here at W Auto Works, we are dedicated to providing high quality car repairs and maintenance. We can handle just about anything that may be wrong with your vehicle, whether it's a blown radiator or just a tune up we can get you back on the road running smoothly. If you don't know what is wrong with your car or truck, we can help by utilizing our engine diagnostics to get to the root of the issue.

We can also help you with the regular maintenance that your car needs in order to continue running properly. In addition to regular oil changes, you should have a few other things checked out just to be sure. Services like alignments can help to keep your steering reliable and keeping your tires from wearing out quickly and unevenly. We are your one stop car shop so that you never have to worry about something going wrong with your daily driver.
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